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Railway Resevation | IRCTC

Railway Reservation

What is i-ticket or e-ticket
IRCTC ( facility to book the railway ticket online through internet in order to avoid hassle of hours in long queue. Tickets that are reserved on internet are called as i-ticket or e-ticket.

How to Use it ?
Well, it is as simple as registering on a site, you just have to signup on IRCTC website then you will be given a user id and password. You can login using that and find your train and make reservation.

Procedure for Railway Reservation

  1. Register first or login here if you already have an account
  2. find your required train here
  3. Then you can get the train code that you require, go back here where you had login previously. Click on book ticket and enter your required details.
  4. Make payment through your crdit/debit card or internet banking.
  5. You are done.
  6. There is disadvantage in IRCTC tickets.  if your ticket in waiting list passenger will allow to enter a appropriate compartments 

For complete guidelines refer here

IRCTC Main page
IRCTC Registration Page
Find your required train here
Enter your required details
Ticket Confirmation Page
Ticket Payment Method
Final Ticket Page


There is Second method for ticket reservation

1. You have to fill up the reservation form at Railway Station/ You can also take printout form from website (


Railway Reservation Form

2. You have to fill up form with proper details, you will not fill properly you ticket will rejected
3. After fill up this form you have to go to railway reservation counter at railway station or railway reservation centre.
4. A ticket checker will check your details properly, then he give you print out of ticket

This is your main ticket
5. After successful reservation you will get a 10 digit PNR number (with Red mark).

This is how railway reservation done.

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