Friday, August 17, 2012

North Central Railway zone

The North Central Railway is one of the sixteen railway zones in India.The largest railway station in NCR is Kanpur Central followed by Mughal Sarai. It is headquartered at Allahabad and comprises three divisions: reorganized Allahabad division of the erstwhile Northern Railway, Jhansi division of the erstwhile Central Railway, and new Agra division.

Allahabad Railway Station


The North Central Railway, in its present form, came into existence on 1 April 2003. The North Central Railway present network extends over a large area of North Central India, covering the states of Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Haryana.

Kanpur Central

Area Covered

Geographically, the NCR is the heart of Railway network and extends from (exclusive) in the North to Mughalsarai (exclusive) in the east and Bina (exclusive) in the South. This has a total of 3062 route-km, predominantly double line electrified section. This route from Ghaziabad to Mughalsarai is a part of golden quadrilateral. NCR consists of 202 main line stations & 221 branch line stations. This Zone forms a corridor for trains almost directions viz. East to North and North to East a total of 29 pairs of Mail/Express Trains daily West/South to North and North to South/ West total 37 pairs of M/Exp. Trains daily East to Southwest & Southwest to East a total of 25 pairs of Mail/Express Trains daily East to West & West to East a total of 12 pairs of Mail/Express Trains Daily.

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