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Maharajas Express India

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A journey where every day is a celebration and night a festive time

Maharajas Express
 Across the shimmering landscape of Rajasthan and to the soul of India, Maharajas' Express luxury train tour is rightly been called the 'Journey of a Lifetime'. Taking the guests to the timeless world of grace, elegance and romance, Maharaja Express Luxury train journey makes your imagination stir by the constantly changing stunning landscape outside. The sophisticated luxury onboard soothes your body and soul while some of the world's most dramatic vista delights your visual senses. A unique piece of graceful art in itself, Maharajas Express India is most recently introduced luxury train in the country. This luxury Indian train has beautifully juxtaposed adventure, style, romance and elegance into one which elevates the charm of your explorative tour to India to its zenith.
The core features of the train includes delicately decorated interiors, highly sophisticated luxury amenities, royal restaurants serving tantalizing cuisines, bar with an exclusive collection of beverages and above all a benevolent group of staff who turn your every wish into a reality even before your utter about that. For people who believe in living their life 'king size', the Presidential Suite in Maharajas Express is the best bet for them as its spans over an entire carriage.

The medley of beautiful landscape, charismatic culture, emblazoned traditions and mystical history of India comes alive in all the 5 Maharajas' Express journeys. Enriching your travel casket with a sequence of unforgettable moments, this royal Indian train makes you come to this colorful country again and again. 


"India's answer to Venice Simplon- Orient Express of Europe." A refined icon of style, luxury, lavishness and grandness of décor, the match of India's most opulent luxury train Maharajas' Express is hard to find. A true representative of the imperial traditions of the country, Maharajas' Express India exhibits the appearance of a royal Indian king in his best attires. It's in itself a statement of holistic craftsmanship where every single aspect mirrors the mystic hues of the country's regal extravaganza. Step aboard and be a part of more gracious, elegant era of traveling.

The Maharajas' Express is the latest addition to the fleet of luxury trains in India which made its first appearance in the year 2010. Often noted as 'India's answer to Europe's Venice Simplon - Orient Express' this bewitchingly beautiful deluxe rail has not left any aspect untouched that speaks of royalty and magnificence. Redefining the elegance and pageantry of the bygone royal era of India, this lavish rain journey creates a world within the carriages that certainly transport the guests to their land of fantasy.

From the heart of India Delhi to the dream city Mumbai, the Maharajas' Express journeys cover all the diverse landscapes of India which are all unique in terms of their features and specializations. To meet the growing needs of the luxury travelers worldwide, this royal Indian train has launched five new itineraries this year. The sundry destinations covered in the itineraries include Delhi, Lucknow, Mumbai, Agra, Gwalior, Khajuraho, Varanasi, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur and Ranthambore.

The train has 14 meticulously appointed carriages which never miss to spell its magic charm on the guests. The contrasting characteristics of the décor and services turn this luxury train journey in India into an unforgettable jaunt for the globetrotters. While the décor exhibits an inclination towards ethnic traditions, the modern facilities onboard speak of its contemporary outlook. The Maharajas' Express facilities thus include two gracefully appointed dining cars, a well stocked bar, a lavish lounge to sit & relax and a colorful souvenir shop.

The Presidential Suite in Maharajas' Express India, spanning over an entire carriage, catch the eyes of the travelers who believe in living life like a king. This spacious accommodation adds on the perfect pinch of luxury during your royal tour to India. All the fulsomeness of this world seems to come together in this Presidential Suite to offer you the tickle warmth of an exclusive train tour in India..

Exhaust the sublime beauty of the ever changing landscape outside while you enjoy an opulent ride of the rolling iron wheels of Maharajas' Express. All the 5 intimately crafted Maharajas' Express itineraries present the medley of romance, adventure and style which will surely make you loose yourself during your luxury train traveling in India.

Maharajas' Express History
"Birth of a Legendary Train Journey" "We are not the makers of History; we are made by History" - The Indian luxury train Maharajas' Express turn this famous quote by Martin Luthar King Jr. to be wrong with its recreation of history through its offering of opulent train journey experiences. The bygone era grandeur of traveling seems to get a new life with the introduction of Maharajas' Express in the year 2010. Within just two years of its inception the train has successfully placed itself among the top notch luxury trains in the world with its 7 star hospitality measures. Where most of the luxury trains in India cater to the specific locations of Rajasthan, Karnataka and Maharashtra, it is the first Indian train to take tourists across a mix of cultures and expose them to the finest of hospitality tradition of this colorful country.

An illustration of the finest of royal traversing tradition of the past, this Indian luxury train is the most expensive and exclusive train journeys in India. The lavishly appointed saloons of this royal train draw its inspiration from the royal saloons used for traveling by the bygone era Maharajas, Nizams and Colonial rulers. To add more charm to its vintage look, the train décor displays the beautiful use of artifacts of the traditional Indian style.

Even before the introduction of train journeys in India, the kings of the country showed keen interest towards these magical wheels invented by James Watt. The Colonial rulers brought train traveling tradition in India which touched the hearts of the rulers of that time. Many princely states took the initiative to build their own lines and started running their own trains having luxuriously appointed carriages. For occasions such as state visits, nuptial sojourn and hunting trips, the kings used to employ these carriages.

The Maharajas' Express train had recreated this royal charm in a modernized manner by introducing high-tech amenities like air-condition, Wi-Fi connectivity and modern en-suite bathroom. Even the restaurants serve the signature dishes of the bygone era that certainly can be called a royal feather in the crown of this luxury Indian train. The Maharajas' Express history, though not old, but truly create medley of the old world charm and the modern day sophistication in the most alluring manner.

Dinning Car:- There are two grand dining cars in the train- Mayur Mahal and Rang Mahal. These two Maharajas' Express restaurants have been furnished and decorated keeping in mind the comfort level of the guests. Both of these two dining cars are being gracefully decorated with silk curtains, intricately curved wood paneling, artificial lights and royal furniture. The restaurant stewards, all in formal apparels, when serves tantalizing cuisines, the guests become little more gastronome. Both the restaurants can accommodate 42 passengers at a time. The exclusivity of these restaurants becomes more vivid when your choicest food is served in gold plated platters. Though the continental and oriental cuisines are also available onboard, but the signature traditional dishes from Indian kitchen steal the limelight.

Dinning Car
Bar:- If you want to enjoy a leisurely evening onboard over a glass of fine wine, then Maharajas' Express Safari Bar is the ideal place for you. This tastefully decorated bar presents before you a large selection of wines and other beverages set a perfect mood during your chat hours with fellow passengers. If you want to try a different variety of cocktail, you can ask the bar tender and the cocktail will be in front of you in no time.

Bedroom Cabins:- There are 14 passenger cabins onboard the royal train of Maharajas' Express which are being categorized to- 5 Deluxe Cabins, 6 Junior Suites, 2 Suites and one majestic Presidential Suite spanning over an entire carriage. All of these aforementioned cabins come with modern en-suite bathroom which adds on the feathers of luxury to this crown of journey onboard Maharajas' Express. The decorative items in these plush accommodations are placed keeping in mind the spaciousness of them. These state-of-the-art cabins come equipped with direct dial phones, LCD TV, DVD player, internet connectivity, individual temperature control and electronic safe. The huge window in each carriage warmly welcomes the scenic beauty of the outer world inside it.

Bedroom Cabins
 Lounge:- The Maharajas' Express has an onboard Lounge, Rajah Club, which offer an ideal place to the travelers to relax and unwind out of their cabins. It has a laid back atmosphere where you can gossip or play a game of card with the fellow passengers. The en-suite bar in Rajah Club is well stocked with wines and spirits collected from all around the world.

 Boutique:- The Maharajas' Express has a high-end boutique called Treasure Chest which is the best place for shopaholics to bag pack some memories of their royal tour to India along with them.

 This onboard boutique is all studded with antique decorative items and ethnic Indian jewelry.

General Information

Taking the luxury travel industry of India into new heights of success, the Maharajas' Express has become a statement of excellence in itself. The onboard sophistication and lavishness never fall short to make the guests hold their breath. Accumulating all the sumptuosity of seven star living in a train tour, this Indian luxury train has created its own niche where every detailing and presentation speaks volumes of opulent living. A design marvel and an ambassador of benevolent Indian hospitality tradition, Maharajas' Express is an excellent embodiment of the dreamer of this dreamland. To offer you a glimpse of the facilities and services onboard, we are presenting before you the following general information about Maharajas' Express that will certainly help you to enjoy this royal ride to the fullest extent.
Accommodation The Maharajas' Express accommodations are all adorned with intricate artistic world of high-taste and present all luxury amenities that contribute towards making the journey onboard all the more sophisticated. The cabins are broadly divided into four categories- Deluxe Cabins, Junior Suites, Suites and Presidential Suite. All these luxurious accommodation onboard Maharajas' Express are duly appointed with most modern facilities like Wi-Fi connectivity, air condition, comfortable padded beds, LCD TV, DVD player, writing desk, modern en-suite bathroom etc. The ambassador of opulent living is the Presidential Suite aboard this Indian luxury train that spans over an entire carriage and houses separate living, dining and bedroom area.
Dining and Bar The Maharajas' Express houses two regal class restaurants- Rang Mahal and Mayur Mahal- each with a capacity to accommodate 42 passengers at a time. The tasteful inside décor of these restaurants add on more flavor to your every bite of food; you can chose your favorite cuisine from a list of oriental, continental, Indian and traditional Marwar delicacies. If you want to relish your ordered dishes over a glass of wine, you can order house brands of wine, spirits and beers. If the guests want to have wines or spirits other than the house brand, they need to pay extra for that. There is also a Safari Bar onboard Maharajas' Express that serves finest variety of wine in a relaxing ambience.
Lounge, Observation Car & Boutique There is a delicately designed observation car onboard Maharajas' Express that comes equipped with cozy arm chairs, a library and a souvenir shop. There is also a bar attached to it; take a glass of your favorite spirit and enjoy the ever changing kaleidoscope of landscape in a relishing manner in this observation car.
Off-Train Transport & Guides For all off-train excursions, guests are provided with cozy modes of transportation. For sightseeing, the guests in Deluxe Cabins and Junior Suites are accommodated in deluxe coaches; for guests in Suites and Presidential Suites, separate cars are made available. Travel kits and tour guides are offered complimentary for all the off-train sightseeing tours.
Pre & Post Hotel Accommodation The Maharajas’ Express ticket tariff doesn’t include pre and post hotel accommodation charges. It is highly recommended to the guests to book at least one day pre and post hotel accommodation for the Maharajas’ Express tour. If you want to know more about the pre and post accommodation, you can contact us on the given contact number or e-mail address.
International & Domestic Flights The Maharajas’ Express departure and arrival destinations (both Delhi & Mumbai) are well connected to different parts of India and of the world with air transportation. The charges for pre and post transportation are not included in the Maharajas’ Express journey tariff. It is also advisable to book your pre and post flight or train tickets with us to avail special package offer and exclusive prices. You can either refer to our website or contact us directly for further details on this.
Personal Travel Insurance Maharajas’ Express India is fully insured for natural calamities or any unforeseen situations such as fire, flood, earthquake and theft. Thus, all passengers are covered under an umbrella of insurance. We also recommend you to have adequate travel insurance in case of any eventuality from the country of your origin/domain.
Pre & post Tours If you wish to explore the mesmerizing beauty of India before or after your Maharajas’ Express journey, you can also do so by contacting us. We have crafted some of the finest holiday packages in India which juxtaposes the various hues of India amid peerless luxury.
Embarkation and Disembarkation For your kind perusal, the following we have presented the details about embarkation and disembarkation
Journey Check-in Venue & Time Departure Station & Time Arrival Station & Time
Gems of India Safdarjung Railway Station, Delhi/2000Hrs Safdarjung Railway Station, Delhi/2200Hrs Safdarjung Railway Station, Delhi/ 0800Hrs
Heritage of India The Taj Mahal Palace & Tower, Mumbai/ 1430 Hrs Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai/ 1640 Hrs Safdarjung Railway Station, Delhi/ 1500 Hrs
Indian Panorama Safdarjung Railway Station, Delhi/ 2000 Hrs Safdarjung Railway Station, Delhi/ 2200 Hrs Safdarjung Railway Station, Delhi/ 0815 Hrs
Indian Splendor Safdarjung Railway Station, Delhi/ 2000 Hrs Safdarjung Railway Station, Delhi/ 2200 Hrs Lokmanya Tilak Terminus, Mumbai/ 0815 Hrs
Treasure of India Safdarjung Railway Station, Delhi/ 0800 Hrs Safdarjung Railway Station, Delhi/ 0930 Hrs Safdarjung Railway Station, Delhi/ 0800 Hrs
All the passengers are requested to kindly reach the departure venue at least one hour prior to the mentioned time. After the completion of the registration and check in formalities, the guests will be escorted by the train staff to their respected cabins.
Inclusions The Maharajas’ Express tariff includes accommodation in the royal cabins, meals and house brand of wine, spirits and beers, service of the butler, portage charges, off-train transportation during excursions, guides, entrance fee to monuments, still camera charges and complimentary tea, coffee and mineral water.
Exclusions The Maharajas’ Express tariff doesn’t include taxes, insurance, gratuities, telephone call charges, laundry, alcohol beverages (other than house brands), video, film and professional still camera fees, arrival & departure transfers, international and domestic air tickets, pre & post tour accommodation or any tour extensions.
Travel Documents All the travel documents which are valid only on passenger’s name will be issued 14 days prior to the departure date. The guests are requested to carry their booking confirmation with them at the time of departure.
Dress Code For off-train excursions, the guests are advised to wear smart casuals and walking shoes. During wildlife excursions, it is highly recommended to the guests to wear comfortable and sober color clothing that gets blended with the surrounding landscape. Guests travelling during winter season are advised to take enough warm cloths.
Allowance of Baggage The guests are requested to carry baggage as per the standards set by the international airlines. As there is limited storage space, so carry soft topped luggage which is easy carry and to store.
Particular Dietary Requirement If the guests have any dietary requirements, they are requested to inform about the same at the time of making reservation so that last minute disappointment can be avoided. The train makes all the efforts to offer the guest the food of their choice; however, meals with strict religious observing are hard to get prepared.
Porters At all embarking/disembarking stations, porters are available to help the guests with their luggage.
Butlers A dedicated team of butlers offer round the clock service to fulfill the requirements of the guests onboard. Each carriage is managed by a single professionally trained butler who offers the services to the guests to make the journey comfortable and memorable for the guests.
Wheelchair Access For the limited space in the carriages, it is not possible to offer enough space to the wheelchair bonded passengers. Thus, such guests are advised to be companied by a healthy person.
Off-train Excursions Most of the off-train excursions require walking and thus passengers are requested to carry comfortable shoes to participate actively in them. An amount of physical fitness of the guests is required as they may come across unpaved walkways, uneven surfaces during the off-train tours.
Smoking Policy The Indian Law has strictly prohibited smoking in any public place such as restaurants, airports, stations, shopping malls, hotels, trains etc. Thus, smoking is also strictly prohibited onboard Maharajas’ Express.
Paramedic Facilities To help the guests during any emergency situation onboard, the train offers paramedic facilities.
Health Though the guests need not require any vaccination before coming to India, but tourists from the foreign countries are required to produce the Yellow Fever Vaccination certificate before embarking on the journey which confirms the international health regulations. Moreover, the guests are also suggested to carry enough stock of prescribed medicines if they are on a medication.
Laundry Maharajas’ Express offers limited laundry services onboard.
Internet Maharajas’ Express is accessed with high speed internet connectivity.
Cell Phones The use of cell phones or laptops is strictly prohibited onboard Maharajas’ Express and in public areas such restaurants, lounge etc. The guests can use these in the privacy of the cabin. Also the guests are requested to keep their cell phones silent while in a public places.
Onboard Safe To guarantee a high security of the valuables of the guests, each cabin is well appointed with automatic electronic guards.
Gratuities It’s a tradition in India to offer gratuities for the services offered. However, it completely depends upon the guests whether they want to offer the gratuities or not.
Crew The Maharajas’ Express has a well qualifies and trained group of hospitality professionals who offer a peerless service to the guests. The crew members are well versed in English and are highly professional to endeavor their services with full satisfaction.
Minimum Passenger Requirement The Maharajas’ Express journeys require a minimum number of passengers to operate. In case this minimum requirement is not availed, the guests are offered an alternate departure date or an alternate journey or refund of their money.
Charters The corporate houses, agencies or individuals can charter Maharajas’ Express for special events such as conferences, wedding or for any other exclusive event. For more details on that, please feel free to contact us.
Child Policy
  • Child below 5 years can travel with their parents free of cost, subject to sharing of double bed with the parents. In turn, it is also subject to availability of double bed cabins at the time of booking
  • Child in the age group of 5 to 12 years can travel with their parents with 50% of the adult journey price, subject to sharing of double bed with the parents. It is also subject to availability of double bedded cabin at the time of booking
  • If two children are travelling with their parents they will be accommodated in a separate cabin. In such a case, the first child pays 50% of the adult journey cost while second child will have to pay the adult journey cost.
  • Except in the Presidential Suite, there is no facility for interconnected cabins in Maharajas’ Express.
  • In case of child/children also, applicable taxes will be charged extra.
For more details(for rates and booking details) and information please visit:-

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