Friday, February 8, 2013


Western railways announced that have plan to increase more ATVM machines as well as CVM machines for the convince of the passengers. Hope this will reduce number of queues at the Western railways ticket booking offices.

Western Rail plan to procure 490 new ATVM machines. Last 2 months Western Railways increased its ATVM strength from 115 to 117 too. Also announced will increase 24 more ATVMs too. ATVMs can used for book single journey ticket, return journey ticket, multiple passengers ticket, platform tickets. Renewal of season tickets can also be done at ATVMs.

Western railways also announced that have planned to install 306 more CVM machines on the Mumbai local train stations. At present there are 292 CVM available on the Mumbai Local stations. These are Microprocessor based digital CVMs. One of the trusted media today announced that Indian Railways plan to introduced Barcode based CVM coupon in mumbai to avoid the fraud tickets.

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