Saturday, September 15, 2012

Railway links to adjacent countries

Existing rail links:
  • Nepal Nepal – Break-of-gauge – Gauge conversion under uni-gauge project
  • Pakistan Pakistan – same Broad Gauge. Thar Express to Karachi and the more famous Samjhauta Express international train from Lahore, Pakistan to Amritsar (Attari).
  • Bangladesh Bangladesh – Same Broad Gauge. The Maitri Express between Dhaka and Kolkata started in April 2008 using the Gede-Darsana route, in addition to a Freight Train service from Singhabad and Petrapole in India to Rohanpur and Benapole in Bangladesh A second passenger link between Agartala, India and Akhaura Upazila, Bangladesh was approved by the Government of India in September 2011.
Under construction / Proposed links:
  • Bhutan Bhutan – railways under construction – Same gauge
  • Myanmar Myanmar – Manipur to Myanmar (under construction)
  • China China – Indian Railways and rail authorities in People's Republic of China are interested in starting a high-speed rail link that would link New Delhi with Kunming, China via Myanmar. The rail link would utilize the under construction railway from Manipur, India to Myanmar and the under construction railway from Kunming to Myanmar.
  • Vietnam Vietnam – On 9 April 2010, Former Union Minister of India, Shashi Tharoor announced that the central government is considering a rail link from Manipur to Vietnam via Myanmar.
  • Thailand Thailand - possible if Burma Railway is rebuilt. Would also allow trains to Malaysia Malaysia and Singapore Singapore.

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