Friday, December 28, 2012


Penalties For Activities Affecting Cleanliness At Railway Premises

Think twice before putting anything in train, in Platform moreover anything in the premises of the Indian Railway. Indian Railways recently amended its Rule in such a way that able to claim fine from anybody creating dirtiness in the Indian Rail Premises.Ministry of Indian Railway recently declared the New rule for Activities Affecting Cleanliness At Railway Promises.
Cleanliness At Railway Premises
Following are its definition or unhygienic or danger  to life, environment pollution , public health, safety and welfare. This law also capable to penalties the person who paste the posters on the Railways bogies. Railway also mention that the definition of Railway premises means Station Building, Platforms, railway track and other property belongs to railway including trains.
This rule also prohibit following cases too, Cook, bath, Spit, Urinate, defecate, feed animals or birds, repair or wash vehicles or any other objects or keep any type of Storage in any railway premises except in such facilities provided.

Fine Amount
You may get fine up to Rs. 500

Persons Authorized to Collect Penalties
1. The Station Master or Station manager
2. An Officer not below the Ticket Collector of commercial department
3. Any other officials authorized by Indian Railways

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