Friday, January 18, 2013

Rat Bit a Lady in AC Coach

There are so many improvements and innovations being made by the Railways department to give a good travelling experience to the passengers but they seem to failing in the fight against pests and rodents. An incident that happened yesterday with a 64-year old lady created a lot of chaos among the passengers. She was bitten by a rat in an AC III tier coach of the Coimbatore-Chennai Cheran express. The incident happened at around 4'15 am when the trained reached Arakkonam railway station.

Meena Kumari was sleeping in the train while she was bitten by a rat on her toe. She had a cut on her toe and she screamed out. The fellow passengers rushed in to help her. They called the train ticket examiner and asked him to provide her with medical aid. But he said that she will be given treatment once the train reaches Chennai. As the train already moved from the station, the passengers pulled the chain and demanded for immediate medial support. So a doctor in charge at the station gave her an injection and medicine to avoid any infection.

This is not the only incident that happened in this regard. There are many that had not come into light. Pests and rodents have for long been troubling passengers on long-distance trains, particularly in AC coaches. Recently, several passengers of a coach of the Chennai-Thiruvananthapuram Duronto Express had to be shifted to other coaches after cockroaches and other insects started swarming all over more than 30 minutes after the train left Chennai Central.

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