Sunday, August 26, 2012

Production units

Indian Railways manufactures much of its rolling stock and heavy engineering components at its six manufacturing plants, called Production Units, which are managed directly by the Ministry. Popular rolling stock builders such as CLW and DLW for electric and diesel locomotives; ICF and RCF for passenger coaches are Production Units of Indian Railways. Over the years, Indian Railways has not only achieved self-sufficiency in production of rolling stock in the country but also exported rolling stock to other countries. Each of these six production units is headed by a General Manager, who also reports directly to the Railway Board. The six Production Units are:-
Sl. No Name Abbr. Year Established Location Main products
1. Golden Rock Locomotive Workshops GOC 1928 Trichy Diesel-electric Locomotives
2. Chittaranjan Locomotive Works CLW 1947 Chittaranjan, Asansol Electric Locomotives
3. Diesel Locomotive Works DLW 1961 Varanasi Diesel Locomotives
4. Diesel-Loco Modernisation Works DMW 1981 Patiala Diesel-electric Locomotives
5. Integral Coach Factory ICF 1952 Chennai Passenger coaches
6. Rail Coach Factory RCF 1986 Kapurthala Passenger coaches
7. Rail Wheel Factory RWF 1984 Bangalore Railway wheels and axles
8. Rail Wheel Factory RWF 2011 Chhapra Railway wheels and axles

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