Monday, September 10, 2012

Fast Passenger

Fast Passenger trains are Fast Passenger local train rail service of India. Fast Passenger skips some stops, in route of Passenger/Local train. In some cases, trains run as Fast Passenger/local train in some section, while run local at different section.

Virar-Valsad Fast Passenger
 Fast Passenger trains generally run on long distance single line routes. Some examples in India are Bhusawal-Surat & Amravati-Surat broad gauge line. Another example will be Akola-Ratlam metre gauge single line. Merely because the category of train contains the word "Fast" does not mean that the train runs at faster speed than other peer trains on same route. Speed of the train on that route is decided by the track, schedule and traffic. Fast Passenger train means its pre-decided schedule may skip some smaller stations/halts where there is not much traffic. Usually this may happen during late night hours.

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