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Sampark Kranti Express

Sampark Kranti Express trains are a series of trains operated by the Indian Railways. These trains provide quick connectivity from a particular state to the national capital, New Delhi. Announced in the Interim Budget (Railways) of 2004-2005 by the then Minister of Railways, Shri Nitish Kumar, the special features of these trains are:
  • Non-stop run beyond the state,
  • Dedicated staff throughout the run,
  • Public address system, and
  • 15% lower tariff than the Rajdhani Express to the areas served.
The Sampark Kranti Express was modelled on the Delhi-Patna Sampoorna Kranti Express, which was a success.
The non stop runs beyond the state served did not last for too long, as due to poor patronage it was decided to give commercial stops to Sampark Kranti trains outside their respective states. Also, the Kerala Sampark Kranti Exp. was extended beyond New Delhi to Chandigarh.


  • The phrase Sampark Kranti stands for connectivity revolution. A similar named train is the August Kranti Rajdhani Express, which is named after the Quit India movement started in August, 1942.
  • The Uttar Sampark Kranti Express was the first express train to travel on the newly laid Jammu Tawi - Udhampur section.
  • Kerala Sampark kranti between Kochuveli Vikram Sarabhai Terminal, Thiruvananthapuram and Chandigarh is the only sampark kranti running beyond Delhi

List of services

A total of 18 trains were announced in the Interim Budget.

Train Name States served Origin and Destination Stations Distance Km. Frequency
Madhya Pradesh Sampark Kranti Express Madhya Pradesh Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) to Jabalpur via Gwalior / Jhansi 909 3 days a week
Uttar Pradesh Sampark Kranti / Madhya Pradesh Khajuraho Sampark Kranti Madhya Pradesh & Uttar Pradesh Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) to Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh / Manikpur, Uttar Pradesh via Jhansi 695 6 days a week
Chattisgarh Sampark Kranti Express Madhya Pradesh & Chattisgarh Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) to Katni / Raipur/Durg via Bina - Katni Rail Route / Jhansi, Gwalior Jn. 1281 3 Days a week
Andhra Pradesh Sampark Kranti Express Andhra Pradesh Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) to Tirupati via Secunderabad / Jhansi 2302 2 days a week
Bihar Sampark Kranti Bihar New Delhi to Darbhanga via Kanpur 1172 Daily
Goa Sampark Kranti Express Goa Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) to Madgaon via Kota 2094 Bi-weekly
Gujarat Sampark Kranti Express Gujarat Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) to Ahmedabad via Kota 1085 3 days a week
Jharkhand Sampark Kranti Jharkhand New Delhi to Ranchi via Kanpur 1306 2 days a week
Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express Karnataka Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) to Bangalore via Pune / Jhansi 2610 2 days a week
Karnataka Sampark Kranti Express Karnataka Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) to Yeshwantpur via Kachiguda(Hyderabad) / Jhansi 2276 5 days a week
Kerala Sampark Kranti Kerala Chandigarh to Kochuveli (Thiruvananthapuram / Kota 3415 Once a week
Maharashtra Sampark Kranti Maharashtra Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) to Mumbai (Bandra Terminus) / Kota 1366 2 days a week
Orissa Sampark Kranti Orissa New Delhi to Bhubaneshwar / Kanpur 1799 2 days a week
Poorvottar Sampark Kranti Express Assam and the North East New Delhi to Guwahati / Kanpur 1980 3 days a week
Rajasthan Sampark Kranti Rajasthan Delhi (Sarai Rohilla) to Jodhpur / Bikaner via Jaipur / Kota 685 3 days a week
Tamil Nadu Sampark Kranti Tamil Nadu Delhi (Hazrat Nizamuddin) to Madurai via Chennai (Egmore) / Jhansi 2677 2 days a week
Uttar Sampark Kranti Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab,
Himachal Pradesh, and Haryana
New Delhi to Udhampur via Jammu Tawi 630 Daily
Uttarakhand Sampark Kranti Uttarakhand Delhi to Kathgodam 278 Daily
West Bengal Sampark Kranti West Bengal Delhi to Kolkata (Sealdah) 1448 2 days a week

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